Using Salesforce and Pardot to Drive Institutional Success

Higher education institutions need an agile marketing automation platform to meet the evolving needs of their campus community. From recruitment and admissions to marketing and engagement, Salesforce and its suite of products can help your campus create personalized experiences using one integrated CRM for higher education.

Recruitment & Admissions

As a leading Pardot consulting company, we understand that meeting your enrollment goals are key to your institutions’ success. We’ve worked with higher education institutions both large and small to find best-fit students, streamline application and decisioning processes, and cultivate high-touch relationships.

Utilizing the power of Pardot, Invado Solutions created a process at Vanderbilt University to attract and engage prospective students throughout the enrollment funnel. Through personalized, relevant journeys, prospective students were guided through the process in a way that made them feel connected and engaged. Within 6 months, the Vanderbilt team saw a 24% increase in program prospect volume and a 14% increase in program registrations. “Invado Solutions’ expertise in marketing, Pardot and Salesforce was instrumental in quickly boosting our program registration rates at Vanderbilt,” said Kate Paradis, Senior Associate Director of Short Programs & Marketing, Vanderbilt University, Owen Graduate School of Management.

Marketing & Engagement

Key to any successful marketing automation campaign is segmentation. Who is your audience? What are their defining characteristics? Pardot’s robust automation tools enable institutions to create segments of their database for content marketing. From Pardot Automation Rules that fire continuously throughout your database, to Pardot Dynamic Lists that add and remove individuals from lists based on predefined criteria, Pardot enables you to define what are important characteristics for your institution. This foundational step will ensure that everything you do is geared toward your ideal student profile.

Once you’ve defined your audience, you can create marketing assets with your target audience in mind. Using out-of-the-box responsive templates, Pardot makes it simple to create and send emails to your school community. Invado’s team of highly-skilled developers can also create custom Pardot email templates using your school’s logo and colors, thus maintaining consistent branding throughout.

With segmentation and targeted Pardot dynamic content, universities like Vanderbilt are able to interact with prospective students to move them through the engagement funnel.


Advancement teams in higher education are involved in promoting the mission of their institution through avenues such as alumni relations, fundraising, and marketing and communications. Getting to the point of where your university is today to where it would like to be in the future often requires intensive planning and thorough marketing automation efforts.

Email marketing and online communication are critical components of mission advancement; and Pardot can be a powerful tool to help automate and streamline the communication process. Many of our higher education clients utilize Pardot’s lead nurturing engine, Engagement Studio, for their marketing automation programs that engage students, alumni, parents and supporters at every step of the prospect journey.

If your higher education institution needs help with setting up Pardot or Pardot implementation, please contact us today. We’d love to hear from you.


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