Let Invado Help You Transform Your Student Journey from Application through Alumni Engagement

We’ll modernize your marketing efforts using Salesforce to increase application and enrollment rates, drive fundraising productivity, and streamline operations.

Higher Education

Invado works with colleges and universities to improve the full life cycle of your student journey, resulting in increased application and matriculation rates, as well as alumni advancement.

We’ll work with your marketing and admissions departments to evaluate the effectiveness of your existing marketing efforts – while becoming an extension of your team – to ensure you’re making the best decisions for your budget.

Using Pardot and Salesforce, we’ll help you automate your communications and show you how to create a blueprint to increase matriculation rates and drive fundraising productivity, in a way that’s both effective and economical.

“Not only does [Invado] look at each issue strategically and are always thinking of the bigger picture, but they are also very communicative, and give clear, concise explanations. We’re now on our third Pardot expansion and everyone on the team is impressed with their knowledge and experience.”

Hanna McCathren,

George Washington University

Invado Advancement Essentials Bundle

Our Advancement Essentials Bundle incorporates Salesforce Education Cloud to help higher education institutions:

The Essentials Bundle is ideal for advancement teams for small to mid-sized institutions interested in streamlining their donor tracing. We’ll work with your budget to create customized implementations and add-on solutions. Best of all, our team members have more than a decade of experience and will be there to support you with every engagement.


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