Pardot Connected Campaigns

With the launch of Pardot Connected Campaigns, marketers now have the capability to build in-depth reporting around:

  • Campaign attribution models (campaign influence)
  • Campaign return on investments (campaign ROI)
  • Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) generation
  • And much, much more

While Salesforce now offers the Connected Campaign functionality, Invado Solutions offers the know-how and Pardot expertise on how to optimize this tool to generate the marketing metrics you need to run your marketing organization.

Our team of Pardot consultants can help you:

  • Activate the Pardot Connected Campaigns functionality
  • Revisit your historic Salesforce Campaign and Pardot Data to make sure it aligns
  • Setup campaign influence reporting (first touch, last touch, weighted)
  • Build custom reports to improve marketing management

Ready to launch Pardot Connected Campaigns? Let us help you get started today.