Pardot Healthcheck

Hiring an experienced marketing operations professional can be an expensive, time-consuming proposition. Beyond Pardot, marketing operations roles can touch many pieces of technology.

With the Invado Solutions Pardot Healthcheck, our team of Pardot consultants will get you on the path to marketing automation success through our strategic framework:

Business Goal Alignment

Through a series of interviews, we learn about your organization’s business goals and identify opportunities where Pardot and Salesforce can help you meet those objectives. We’ll explore your current metrics and bounce ideas off you to make sure we bring strategies to the table that support your goals.

Technical Assessment

Our technology experts will delve into every part of your Pardot org so that we can:

  • Ensure you have a strong technology foundation
  • Compare your performance to industry benchmarks
  • Recommend features worth implementing to help you meet your strategic goals
Beyond Pardot, our team will also explore how you’re using Salesforce to ensure that the system is supporting your marketing objectives

Roadmap Presentation

We provide your organization with a Pardot Success Roadmap that will:

  • Identify resolutions for any shortcomings
  • Recommend strategic Pardot projects to support your organization’s business goals
  • Explore additional Pardot features to support your goals.

Ready to maximize your Pardot investment? Contact us about a Pardot Healthcheck today.