Pardot Consultant

From Pardot consulting & marketing automation strategy development to implementation and ongoing managed services, Invado Solutions offers everything you need to meet your organization's objectives.

Pardot Implementation

Just getting started with Pardot and finding it overwhelming? Our team of Pardot marketing automation consultants and experts will work with you to develop and execute a training and integration plan that is tailored to your specific business needs. From basic foundational work to highly customized functionality, we’ll ensure that your marketing automation technology is configured properly and working in alignment with your business objectives to deliver results.

Pardot Health Check

Not sure if all your Pardot functionality is working properly or have some clutter you’d like cleaned up? We’ll perform a deep-dive evaluation of over 30 key components of Pardot to evaluate their current health. If anything is less than optimal, we’ll provide you with guidance on how to address the issues, keep your data clean and maintain peak performance.

Pardot Training

We love nothing more than sharing our knowledge. If you’re looking for a personalized approach to learning the platform, our experts can provide you with one-on-one guidance. Our Pardot marketing automation consultants know the platform inside and out and can walk you through every training and integration component, step by step, to help you optimize its functionality. We’ll take you from novice to power user through real-world experiences – no reading, no classrooms – so that you’re able to deliver measurable marketing results in no time.

Pardot Integration

Successful system integration is key to a successful marketing automation strategy. Our Pardot marketing automation and integration consultants will work with your IT team to seamlessly fuse Pardot with your existing technology stack without affecting your ability to conduct daily business. With our process-based approach, we will collaborate with you constantly ensure that every member of your team understands each step of the integration from beginning to successful completion.

Marketing Automation Success Roadmap

We know what marketing automation success looks like, and we know how to get there. It’s important to have a phased plan in place for implementation, systems migration, operations and health checks to optimize the platform over time. We’ll work to understand your vision and develop a realistic, practical road map to help you achieve it while delivering measurable results along the way.

Managed Services

Does running your marketing automation platform sound like a lot of work for your already inundated team? Let Invado Solutions do the work. Our team has strategic and tactical expertise to fully take the technology reins so you can focus on your business needs, not daily software operation.

Strategic Engagements

No two organizations are the same. We understand that each business is unique with its own set of goals, challenges and opportunities. During a strategic engagement, Invado Solutions will partner with your team to assess your business needs and create a tailormade solution for your organization. With a strategic plan in place, our team of experts will drive the solution implementation from beginning to end to deliver measurable value in your marketing and sales efforts.

Marketing Automation System Migration

Are you looking to break up with your current marketing automation platform? Migrating from one system to another can be time-consuming and disruptive. Our team’s vast experience across technology stacks and our process-based approach makes the transition seamless with no disruption to your daily business. Our Pardot marketing automation consultants will work closely with your team throughout the entire training and integration process, clearly communicating about each step along the way.

Campaign Execution

We can set up templates and test and execute campaigns with the precision necessary to achieve and measure optimal results.

  • Salesforce Configuration: We’re certified Salesforce power users, which means we have advanced skills in optimizing the world’s leading CRM system to drive sales, enhance customer loyalty and give your company a competitive edge. Proper configuration and integration of the Salesforce platform with other systems such as databases and custom applications, is critical to enabling sales and marketing teams better serve customers and increase sales and revenue. We will ensure the platform is configured specifically to meet your organizational and business needs.
  • Content Creation: We create messaging that aligns with your customers’ needs, resonates with their personas and produces results at each stage of their purchasing journey. We take the time to understand your company voice and personality to develop engaging content that is aligned with your brand.
  • Design: Our team of graphic designers can make your content sing with attractive, interactive design elements that stand out from the crowd of online content. They’ll help your company break through the clutter with creative that resonates with and is tailored to each target audience.