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“The Invado Solutions edge is in our phenomenal people and drive for excellence.”

Specializing in Salesforce marketing solutions, our team of martech experts helps strategic marketing leaders like you tap the full potential of your Salesforce  marketing technology investments. We’ll help you fill your funnel as well as uncover and implement innovative ways to drive more demand. In other words, Invado solutions allows you and your team to have a far bigger business impact than you realized was possible.

Rooted in extensive marketing experience ranging from hyper-growth start-ups to Fortune 500 giants, our approach combines CMO-level perspective with practical, in-the-trenches implementation. The Invado Solutions edge is in our phenomenal people and drive for excellence. Our team is comprised of the most skilled, savvy and passionate practitioners in the industry. While others simply implement, we innovate and bring you new perspectives and solutions. The result? You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a partner that helps you maximize the full potential of your Salesforce marketing technology and your team.

The Necessity

Rome may not have been built in a day, but Invado Solutions was.

In Oct of 2014, our founder Christopher left a routine medical check-up with an unexpected diagnosis: a chronic neurological condition he thought had been resolved, hadn’t. It would require brain surgery as soon as possible, and potentially every few years thereafter. So much for “take two of these and call me in the morning.”

While still trying to absorb the news on his drive home, Christopher pulled over to answer a call from his boss: “I’m sorry Chris…it’s not you, it’s us…we’re letting you go.” It was one of those moments that was so surreal and unbelievable it was almost comical.

Christopher Doran

CEO & Founder,Invado Solutions

Brain surgery and being fired, all in a single day. The next day Invado Solutions was born.

“Looking back, it was the hardest day of my life.” Christopher shares. “I was trying to process the utter inconceivability of it all, and at the same time calculating my reality:  family…mortgage…3 kids…college tuition. While some try to give me credit for perseverance, or my Jersey-inspired grit, the truth is that it’s simply what I had to do. Doing nothing was not an option.”

“The path forward was obvious: launch a consultancy to help demand-driven marketing leaders exhaust the full potential of their Salesforce investments.”

As Christopher considered the trajectory of his career, the next chapter became clear. As former CMO of Manticore (an early leader in the marketing automation space) he had earned a reputation as a pioneer in the industry. He also had a breadth and depth of experience with Salesforce marketing technology. Add to that a natural, entrepreneurial spirit, and the path forward was obvious: launch a consultancy to help demand-driven marketing leaders exhaust the full potential of their Salesforce investments.

The Name

From the Latin word meaning “to conquer or take new territory,” “Invado” captures our relentless drive to help clients push through their marketing challenges to drive more demand and a bigger impact on the bottom line. Invado Solutions also embodies the tenacious, “keep on” mentality that first motivated our founding and remains at the heart of how we operate today. We have an “ever onward” spirit that is fiercely committed to always finding a path forward. No matter the problem, we will find a solution.

The New Standard

Fast forward three years, two brain surgeries and dozens of clients later, and Invado Solutions is setting the standard by which Salesforce marketing automation partners are measured. World-class brands across industries have chosen our unique hybrid approach that bolsters implementation with strategy and innovation. Our team is comprised of people who are the best at-what they do, and who exude a passion and commitment to excellence that far surpasses a typical System Implementer. We’re celebrated for doing whatever it takes to drive killer results that impact revenue. We’re proud to provide you with the peace of mind that comes from having a premier partner that is committed to pushing your pipeline and team to new levels of success.

What Matters Most to Us

At Invado Solutions, we are adamant about being good old fashioned, good people; people who are exceptional at what we do. Put simply: we want to do great work that helps you generate exceptional results and revenue. We also we want to enjoy the ride along the way, and for you to do the same.  Our core values capture that, and serve as a compass to guide what we do, and help us stay true to ourselves.


    “Partnership is key.”

    Relationships matter. We are committed to killer results, as well as lasting relationships built on collaboration, mutual respect and trust.


    “Love – really love – something…”

    We love what we do, and our enthusiasm drives us to settle for nothing but the best. There is an energy that comes from doing what you are both good at and passionate about, and we strive to bring that vitality to your challenges and results.


    “Create a path, don’t follow one.”

    We don’t wait for ideas or answers, we provide them. We are committed to leaning  in and hands-on helping to bring solutions to life, not simply just provide information to you about what could be done.


    “Keep moving forward.”

    Can’t isn’t an option. In the spirit of our founding story, we always find a way. No matter the challenge, roadblock or conundrum, we simply will not quit. Rather we will always proactively look for another way to solve the problem.


    “Direct diplomacy.”

    As people that care about real relationships and best-of-the-best results, we won’t tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear in order to get to levels beyond where even you thought you could go.

    The takeaway? You can count on us. You have lofty goals and complex marketing challenges. They may not require brain surgery, but they’re complicated. We have what it takes to solve them…and we’re up for the challenge.

    Join Our Team

    At Invado Solutions, we’re all about the team…and finding the best people for the job. We’re looking for people that can live, breathe and work our values. If you’re someone who thinks they have what it takes to walk the Invado walk, apply now to join our team.