Pardot Training

We pride ourselves on hiring the most knowledgeable industry experts for Pardot training, and we love nothing more than sharing our knowledge and skills.

After technical Pardot implementation is complete and your team has a strong foundation of best practices, the next step in the marketing automation process is site training to learn how to effectively use Pardot.

Pardot, Salesforce‘s B2B marketing automation tool, is designed to help marketing operations of any size and so is our team of consultants. Through our training courses, we offer both an on-site and a virtual Pardot training environment to satisfy teams of all sizes and learning styles. We provide any level of training needs for each user, from Pardot basics to more advanced features on the Pardot platform.

Unlike one-size-fits-all training programs, our personalized Pardot learning path and development program is customized to sync with your unique business needs and goals. Training is performed within your Pardot instance so your team can better understand how your organization’s technology stack works.

A typical Pardot Training course includes:

  • Getting Started with Pardot, Learning Pardot Forms and Form Handlers
  • Pardot Email Templates and List Emails
  • Segmentation and Pardot Lists
  • Pardot Automation Rules
  • Pardot Landing Pages
  • Gated Content and Pardot Scoring Categories
  • Pardot Engagement Studio
  • Pardot Scoring and Grading
  • Q&A Session

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