Demand Generation Strategy

Building a comprehensive digital demand generation marketing strategy can be hard. A complete strategy goes beyond marketing automation to include content, design, data strategies, and inbound lead generation.

At Invado Solutions, we help clients develop and implement metrics-based demand generation marketing strategies that grow sales pipelines and increase revenue.

Our team of seasoned Pardot consultants can help to:

Manage Marketing Data

Marketers are drowning in digital data and they rarely have the systems and processes in place for that data to deliver real insight and value. Leveraging our proven Lead Management framework, every sales lead is associated with a marketing campaign and a status within the marketing funnel. With this framework in place, our clients are able to effectively measure marketing campaigns and move sales leads through the funnel using automation.

Generate More Inbound Sales Leads

Generating new sales leads is an important objective for marketers. At Invado Solutions, our team of SEO and SEM experts drive top-of-funnel sales leads, while our demand generation strategists help clients design end-to-end demand generation marketing campaigns to move those inbound leads through the funnel to drive sales.

Design Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Inbound sales leads aren’t enough. Effective lead nurturing can move prospects through the sales funnel in an automated, cost-effective manner. Invado’s marketing and Pardot consulting experts work with clients to design and implement lead-nurturing marketing campaigns that ensure sales only works high quality leads, reducing your cost of customer acquisition.

Implement Full Funnel Reporting

Don’t settle for less than complete picture across marketing channels on how your valuable marketing budget is working. Implementing Pardot Connected Campaigns is an important piece of the overall marketing puzzle, but it’s not the complete solution. As Pardot consulting specialists, we go beyond Pardot features to help our clients implement a data strategy and develop comprehensive marketing dashboards and reports that yield the critical business data they need to outpace their competitors.

Create Personas and Content Strategies

Delivering the right message to the right person is critical to success in digital marketing. Our content strategists work with clients to better understand their audience and develop compelling Pardot dynamic content that resonates – and drives action — with their target audience.

Implement Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Strategy

For many organizations, sales is a complex process for a set of targeted accounts. Our demand generation marketing strategists collaborate with you to develop a Pardot Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Strategy to target these accounts. Our team of Pardot consultants has a unique set of marketing and technology skills and experience to transform these concepts into reality.

Learn how Invado can help with your demand generation strategies today.