Enhanced Testing in Pardot Engagement Studio

Pardot recently rolled out a couple new features for the nurturing tool, Engagement Studio. First they introduced scheduled emails in Engagement Studio. Now we have enhanced testing on your nurturing flows.

This new testing feature is a game changer. You can now specify a start date on your tests, see a summary on what dates your emails will go out, and even see how long an engagement program will take.

Enhanced testing options

To try out these new testing features, navigate to an Engagement program you are building, and click the Testing tab.

The first window will prompt you to select the start date of your test.

Pardot - new testing features
Pardot – new testing features in Engagement Studio

Click the blue link in the window to Begin Test and the orange goo will begin flowing.

When your orange goo reaches a decision node, such as a Trigger detecting email link clicks, you will see a decision window.

Pardot - select if prospect clicks email
Select if the prospect clicks your Engagement Studio email

Select if your prospect opened the email during the wait period, and the orange goo will continue to flow.

At the End node you will see the summary of how many days your program will take to complete.

Engagement Studio now has a day count at end of test
Engagement Studio now has a total day count at the end of the test

Another great feature of this testing is the summary to the right of the Engagement Studio on your screen.

Engagement Studio testing log with dates
Engagement Studio testing log with dates

The test log has been enhanced. It now shows the dates a prospect would move through the various nodes in your program.

Quick note – The tests do not take into account if your Engagement Studio program is set to run only Monday – Friday during business hours. The tests always depict the program running on a 24 hour clock, which means your test may show your program running faster than it would in real life.

Even more detailed testing

Test out custom scenarios by changing what dates a test prospect ‘clicks’ a link or ‘opens’ an email in the Trigger nodes.

Start the test. When the orange goo reaches a Trigger node (such as ’email open’) click the ‘date opened’ row to expose the calendar. Select the date to test.

Click to select calendar dates to test
Click to select which calendar dates to test

The new ‘click’ or ‘open’ dates will be reflected in the testing summary, and you can calculate how your prospects might move through your Engagement Studio program.

This testing feature allows you to test multiple email sending scenarios. You can use it to estimate email delivery dates depending on when prospects might open or click your emails.

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