Datorama is now Marketing Cloud Intelligence

Datorama is now Marketing Cloud Intelligence


During the last couple of months, Salesforce has announced a name change for several of its products under the Marketing Cloud umbrella. With Pardot paving the way for this change by switching its name to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement , we now see other platforms getting their new names officially announced. Datorama is one of them.


Datorama was acquired by Salesforce in 2018 and began transitioning the marketing data analysis platform under Marketing Cloud by making a series of core changes like how the platform is implemented and scoped, and how Partners are getting certified to do so. Keep in mind Salesforce Marketing Cloud is now considered “a provider of digital marketing automation and analytics software and services”, so it makes sense to have it part of the whole SFMC(short for Salesforce Marketing Cloud) system.


Marketing Cloud is no longer just an email marketing platform, it has grown into a full-fledged marketing suite that spans everything from email marketing to marketing data intelligence (hint hint) with extremely flexible personalization and platform integration capabilities. But we’ll talk more about it in an upcoming blog post.

The “marketing intelligence” part of the Marketing Cloud platform puzzle is complete with the inclusion of Datorama as part of the suite, and to make things even more consistent Salesforce has announced that it has changed its name to Marketing Cloud Intelligence (Powered by Datorama).

And so, Marketing Cloud Intelligence has come to fill a void that has existed for a while in Marketing Cloud: the inexistence of solid and easy-to-use reporting/data intelligence tools. By integrating a set of functions from Intelligence (Datorama) directly into Marketing Cloud, users are now capable of visualizing engagement data in a much more efficient and eye-pleasing way, with the usage of Intelligence Reports for Engagement which will replace the, now obsolete, Discover Reports within Marketing Cloud. We will cover Intelligence Reports more deeply in a future post, but for now let’s focus on what Invado can do to help you out with Dat..err, Marketing Cloud Intelligence.


We can enable your company to start working with and getting your data connected into the Marketing Intelligence platform in no time, by employing a comprehensive implementation strategy that goes through the Discovery, Data Ingestion, Harmonization and Visualization stages in an agile way, ensuring you have the data you need at the right time and in the best looking way possible.


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