Pardot Connected Campaigns: Next Steps and Pardot Campaign Alignment

So far in this series we have covered why you want to turn on Connected Campaigns, and how to turn it on in your Pardot accountNow we get to dive in to the fun part – Pardot Campaign Alignment.

Pardot Campaign Alignment Can Be Tedious, But It’s Important

This is where things start moving along. Matching up your Pardot Campaigns and connecting them to Salesforce Campaigns can be a bit boring (although I kind of enjoyed it), but it has big payoff in the end. This is what we call Pardot Campaign Alignment.

Go to the Pardot Campaigns page, and check out the new settings. There are some important differences here.

Pardot Campaigns with Campaign Alignment
New sections on the Pardot Campaigns page. This screenshot courtesy of the Salesforce Spring ’18 Release Notes.

At the very top of the Campaigns page – where it says ‘Connect Campaigns with Excel’ – is a workbook you can use to mass-update your Campaigns.

It’s worth trying out – the Excel file will download to your computer and be pre-populated with separate tabs for your Pardot Campaigns, your Salesforce Campaigns, and a final tab where the campaigns are matched up.

The Pardot team worked some awesome Excel magic here, because that final tab will already show you some matches – or it should, if your Pardot Campaigns and Salesforce Campaigns have the exact same names.

You should be able to use the workbook to match up your Pardot and Salesforce Campaigns, and then upload the Excel file back to the system. This will let you mass-update and perform Pardot Campaign Alignment on all those Campaigns at once.

Chances are good that you have at least some matches, so start with those and then work through the remaining unconnected Pardot Campaigns.

Manually Perform Pardot Campaign Alignment and Connect Pardot Campaigns with Salesforce Campaigns

If you have Pardot Campaigns you can’t match up with the workbook – or the workbook doesn’t seem to work for you for some reason – then you can move on to manually connecting your Pardot Campaigns and Salesforce Campaigns.

Click Edit on one of your Pardot Campaigns, and you’ll see a new option.

Pardot Campaign Alignment
New option on your Pardot Campaign to perform Campaign Alignment with Salesforce Campaigns.

This new dropdown box will let you search for your Salesforce Campaigns and select them.

Once you find the Salesforce Campaign that you need, go ahead and save your Pardot Campaign again.

Success! Your Pardot Campaign is now connected to a Salesforce Campaign! Pardot Campaign Alignment magic!

  • Pardot Pro tip #1: If your Pardot Campaign and Salesforce Campaign had different names, you’ll now only see the Salesforce Campaign name.
  • Pardot Pro tip #2: If your Pardot Campaign was used by other Pardot assets (like Forms or Email Templates) all those Pardot assets are now associated with the Salesforce Campaign, automatically.

Work your way through all your unconnected Pardot Campaigns, and connect each of them to a Salesforce Campaign.

Once you finish connecting all your Pardot Campaigns to Salesforce Campaigns, we will move on to finishing the setup of Connected Campaigns. That’s next week!

Some Pardot Campaign Alignment Gotchas

In our effort to match up all our Pardot Campaigns to Salesforce Campaigns, we found some bumps along the way. Everything we found can eventually be fixed, so don’t worry!

We consolidated all the most common issues into this post specifically about Pardot Connected Campaigns and Campaign Alignment Gotchas.

Are You A Bit Overwhelmed by Pardot Connected Campaigns?

Very soon we wrap up our series on turning on Connected Campaigns. If you want to be notified of our next post be sure to subscribe to our newsletter!

This is a fantastic feature, but there can be a lot of moving parts. Contact us today for support in turning on Pardot Connected Campaigns.

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