What Pardot Changing to Marketing Cloud Means for Marketers

Pardot is changing to Marketing Cloud. Here’s what you need to know!

Pardot is changing to Marketing Cloud. So, if you’re a Pardot user, what does this mean for you? We’ve got the answers.

Let’s start with the big question: what does it mean? There’s no change to the way you’re already operating. Your products may have a different name, but they’ll all work the same way. You will have all the functionality you have now.

Why Is Pardot Changing to Marketing Cloud?

So, the name change will not have any effect on companies that are using Pardot daily. It is essentially a rebranding to position Marketing Cloud as a full set of marketing solutions and reinforce cloud availability.

With Marketing Cloud for Account Engagement, Salesforce is effectively doubling down by incorporating Pardot as the Account Based Marketing (ABM) solution for organizations. It offers additional functionality for current Marketing Cloud users and sends a clear signal about how important ABM has become for marketers.

The Importance of Account Based Marketing

ABM has become a foundational part of a marketing strategy for many organizations. Seven out of ten marketers reported they were actively using ABM strategies in 2021, a huge jump from just 15% in 2020.

It’s no surprise when you look at what the research shows. ABM is producing significant results:

Account based marketing drives alignment across organizations. By forcing sales and marketing teams to think strategically about demand and lead generation and how to drive prospects through the buyer’s journey, it creates a higher degree of focus on key decision-makers and delivering relevant content at the right time.

Marketing automation makes it all possible to customize and personalize content at scale to optimize performance. For many companies, the changes are profound and dramatic. A Demand Metric benchmark report showed that 60% of companies adopting ABM show a 10% increase in revenue in the first year.

Changing How Marketers Think about Pardot and Demand Generation

The move to Marketing Cloud by Salesforce just reinforces the message we’ve believed in for years. Organizations need to move past the “batch and blast” email strategies that do not increase demand gen and lead gen or create sustainable sales growth.

A marketing automation system such as Pardot supports strong and targeted demand generation. As part of Marketing Cloud for Account Engagement, it encourages organizations to think more deeply about not just what they are communicating but who they are communicating with. It helps ensure marketers are delivering the right content to the right person at the right time as they move through the buyer’s journey.

By optimizing and personalizing relevant content for key decision-makers, marketers can significantly improve their results across what ITSMA calls the Three R’s of Account-Based Marketing:

  • Reputation: Drive preference levels with targeted accounts, build a reputation in new markets, and improve internal credibility.
  • Relationship: Identify and engage with key stakeholders, deepen relationships with insight, and develop referrals and advocates
  • Revenue: Grow and accelerate marketing pipelines, increase win rates and deal size, and sell new offerings or enter new markets effectively.

Optimizing Salesforce, Pardot, and Marketing Cloud

Invado Solutions has had a singular focus since its inception: partnering with marketers on their journey with Salesforce to optimize their results.

We work with our clients on not only their technology needs but also their strategic development and implementation. As a customer-centric company, we provide robust and reliable support for marketers no matter what Salesforce product they are using.

Because of this, we’re excited to announce that Invado Solutions has made strategic hires to support the full Marketing Cloud portfolio, including:

  • Email studio
  • Journey Builder
  • Interaction Studio
  • Salesforce CDP
  • Datorama
  • Pardot
  • Advertising Studio
  • Mobile Studio
  • Content Management
  • Google Marketing Platform
  • Loyalty Management
  • Datorama Reports

We’ve brought together the best-of-breed marketing automation and account-based marketing technology with an experienced, innovative group of marketing automation experts to help drive your business growth.

Just Starting?

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