How To Leverage Salesforce Marketing Cloud To Deliver Personalized Customer Journeys

Sound complicated? It can be. Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) is a powerful tool that gives your marketing and sales teams the ability to go from generic, guess-work marketing campaigns to one-on-one, personalized customer journeys. It requires collecting, optimizing, and using data to create processes, make decisions, and automatically customize content.

Implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud and taking full advantage of its robust features can be complex, but it’s absolutely worth it. Just ask Lifetime, who used member data in SFMC to tailor its communication for 154% ROI; or Calamos who saw double-digit spikes in click-through rates on their SFMC email journeys.

Successful organizations, like IBM, NBC, Yeti, and Humana are not only investing in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform, but also in the resources and experts they need to set up and use it properly, and that’s because it pays off.

Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud Platform offers your company unlimited opportunities to drive growth through marketing automation and personalization, reaching customers with personalized and relevant content throughout each stage of their purchasing journey.

As Salesforce automation and CRM marketing cloud consultants, Invado Solutions will help you develop and execute a customer-centric approach to your marketing efforts with Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud Platform, providing an integrated solution to managing the customer journey through all channels including email, mobile, social, web, advertising, content creation and analytics.

Using data and real-time behavior collected on each customer, you will be able to better anticipate customer needs and tailor messaging for each touchpoint along the customer journey. A deeper relationship with and 360-degree view of each customer, scaled across your company, can increase customer loyalty, drive sales and result in more profit to the bottom line.

Invado Solutions is a team of Marketing Cloud/SFMC experts. We partner with organizations like yours to help you set up and use your marketing platform to get the impressive results you’ve heard about.

Our CRM marketing cloud consultants will work closely with your team throughout each phase of the process, including developing an overall Salesforce marketing automation strategy and roadmap, implementing campaigns, creating personalized content, migrating systems, and conducting regular health assessments of the platform.

The most successful companies today deliver personalized, relevant content to attract, convert, and retain customers. Invado Solutions’ team of CRM marketing cloud consultants and Salesforce automation experts can help you achieve greater business success through customized marketing automation.

Count on our seasoned team to support you with:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers four tools – and we know them inside and out – that enable you to personalize customer journeys across platforms resulting in increased and higher quality customer engagements:

Journey Builder

Journey Builder enables you to create 1-on-1 customer experiences across online channels, including email, social media, SMS, MMS, website, and IoT devices. It leverages customer data and activity to personalize their experiences with your brand. While the drag-and-drop UI is intuitive and user-friendly, Journey Builder requires properly using customer activities, interactions, engagement preferences, and channel usage to create unique customer journeys based on what you know about them.

Journey Builder offers two types of Journeys:

Single-send journey: Use for one-off, personalized communication with contacts on any channel.
Multi-step journey: Use for multi-touch journeys across channels based on behavior, engagement, and sequencing.

Both types require one of the following entry sources:

  1. Salesforce data
  2. Data Extension
  3. Event
  4. CloudPages
  5. Google Analytics 360
  6. Audience (list of contacts)

Journey Builder offers your customers a very personal and automated experience with your brand. It delivers amazing results if your data is entered correctly, the process is properly set up, and adjustments are made based on journey performance.

It can be intimidating, but we can help you create, build, and maintain powerful, personalized journeys as marketers that give your customers exceptional experiences and you exceptional results.

Personalization Builder, Powered By Einstein

Personalization Builder enables you to gain an in-depth understanding of your customers. As your customers interact with you digitally, their behaviors are collected in real-time. On-premise behavior, such as making purchases or checking in, is linked with online behavior and known attributes giving you a detailed picture of who your customer is. Personalization Builder then analyzes the customer’s engagement patterns and builds a profile based on them. You get a clean, actionable screen summarizing your customer’s tendencies, priorities, and patterns.

With that information, Einstein AI chooses the most relevant content and optimal experience for their profile. You can then use Personalization Strings, also known as merge fields, to personalize your communication. Personalization paired with the other tools, like Journey Builder, serves your customers with optimal offers on their preferred channels, maximizing customer engagement.

Remember, the better your data is, the more personalized and successful your customer journeys are. Start by defining what data you want to collect. Choose a mix of demographic, internal (feelings and motivations), and behavioral data for the most comprehensive picture. It’s wise to start with a goal for your customer journey to determine what data you need to collect to help them get there. Great data management is a key component to customer journey personalization.

Salesforce Mobile Studio

Nearly 75 percent of people will use ONLY their smartphones to access the internet by 2025. With smaller screens and quicker interactions, users’ expectations are different. But many marketing tools, originally designed for desktop or laptop computers, are still playing catch up. Not Salesforce Mobile Studio. It is purpose-built to communicate with mobile customers. It does it in 3 ways:

  1. MobileConnect: Used to create, send, receive, and track SMS and MMS text messages, MobileConnect can send subscribers alerts and messages, as well as automatically reply to incoming messages.
  2. Group Connect: Allows you to send messages to customers over messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and the Line.
  3. MobilePush: Used for sending push notifications, MobilePush gives you better communication with your customers through your app.

Integrated with Journey Builder and Campaigns, Mobile Studio enables you to seamlessly create, execute, and collect data on mobile campaigns. It creates a more connected customer experience and gives you better insight into your customer.

Salesforce Web Studio

Customers are meeting brands online first. In an overwhelming majority of cases, your company’s web, social media, or app landing page is the first interaction your customer has with your brand. Web Studio helps you make it count.

With Web Studio, you can design beautiful, interactive, and personalized landing pages for web, apps, and microsites. With an easy-to-use interface that allows for customization and dynamic content, designing digital pages has never been easier with this content builder.

Web Studio enables you to collect data, create and manage content, and personalized experiences across all web and mobile sites, giving your customers a consistent and seamless experience.

The TLDR Version

Marketing cloud tools keep your customers engaged through social media, mobile apps, SMS and MMS text messaging, web pages, and emails with consistent messaging, timely offers, and personalized offers.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is absolutely the right platform to give your customers progressive, 1-to-1 buying journeys across all marketing channels.

However, creating those journeys is up to your team. And it takes strategic planning and execution finesse. That’s where we can help. Invado delivers:

Invado Solutions has 12 years of experience as a Salesforce marketing partner, helping companies across all industries create success with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and optimize their digital marketing strategies. We can help you too. Contact us for a free consultation.