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The Pardot Spring 2022 release. What we like. Part 1.


The Pardot Spring 2022 release has some of the most features yet in any release. Some of these are general Pardot functionality enhancements, yet others are showing us a preview of the continued blending of Pardot and Sales Cloud features.

This post talks about some of our favorite enhancements in this release. Part 2 will focus on the new lightning email builder and how that continues to help blur the lines between Pardot and Sales Cloud making it one tool for marketers.

Stop Email Fatigue

Enable Einstein Engagement Frequency in Marketing Setup. When adequate data is detected, the model is typically trained within 72 hours. After frequency categories appear on prospect records, users can select the field as criteria to create dynamic lists or Engagement Studio rules.

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Enhanced Lightning Page Builder

 The winter release debuted the Enhanced Lightning Page Builder, but the Spring 2022 release provides even more features including:

  • Customize Pardot Form Styles – Customize the look of your Pardot forms with the added ability to apply colors, fonts, margins, and more.
  • Set a Redirect for Unpublished Landing Pages – Users now have the ability to define a custom redirect URL when a Pardot landing page is removed from the internet.
  • Add Scripts – Enhanced landing pages now support script code in the header or footer of an individual landing page using <link>, <script>, and <style> tags.
  • New Page Layouts and Breadcrumbs – With new prebuilt layouts and breadcrumbs for row editing, creating an Enhanced Landing Page can be lightning fast.

Bot Protection is Added to forms

To help protect users from excessive automated form submissions, we now add a reCAPTCHA field to any form that receives an unexpected number of submissions over one minute. When Pardot detects an unusual burst of form submissions, the field appears to your customers automatically. This anti-abuse functionality is enabled by default and doesn’t interfere with your other reCAPTCHA settings.


Where: This change applies to all Pardot editions with Salesforce Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited editions.


When: The reCAPTCHA functionality becomes available after February 14, 2022.


Visitor Filters are applied retroactively

Now when you create or edit a visitor filter, it filters future activities from visitors who became associated with the IP address or hostname up to 90 days before the filter was created. Previously, visitor filters only applied to visitors that were new after the filter was created.


Pardot API v5


Version 5 of the Pardot API achieves parity with Versions 3 and 4. There’s a new Tracking and Consent JavaScript API to give you more control over visitor tracking.

Below are the new objects API v5 can help you access: 

Form Handler

Supports create, read, update, delete, and query.

Form Handler Field

Supports create, read, update, delete, and query.

Landing Page

Supports read and query.


Supports read, query, assign to prospect, and identify company.

Visitor Activity

Supports read and query.


Supports read and query.

Dynamic Content

Supports read and query.

Dynamic Content Variation

Supports read and query.

Email Template

Supports create, read, update, delete, and query.

List Membership

Supports create, read, update, delete, and query.


Supports read and query.

List Email

Supports read and query.

Lifecycle Stage

Supports read and query.




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