Pardot/Salesforce MVP Stacey Cogswell Joins Invado Solutions Team

To support its vision to become  the industry’s premiere, most respected and innovative partner for end-to-end Pardot and Salesforce marketing expertise, Invado Solutions announced today that it has hired Pardot/Salesforce MVP Stacey Cogswell.


We spoke with Stacey about her thoughts on Pardot and joining the Invado team:

Invado: Welcome to the team Stacey.  We’re excited to have you join Invado Solutions!
Stacey: Thank you! I’m really glad to be part of the team. I love that Invado is so focused on providing strategic Pardot consulting. I’ve subscribed to the Invado blog for a while and I’m excited to share my thoughts along with the other experts on the Invado Solutions team.
Invado: What do you think are the biggest challenges that marketers face using Pardot and Salesforce?
Stacey: It always comes back to data. Marketers know the value or segmentation and sending the right message to the right person at the right time, but there is still a struggle to learn about their prospects so they can be properly segmented and nurtured. On the other end of the marketing cycle, there is a need to close the loop in analytics, especially with Pardot’s recent push with B2B Marketing Analytics. Marketers need to know what efforts, sources, etc. are producing the highest flow of quality leads, which are helping to push leads through the funnel, and which are resulting in higher revenue clients. Knowing how to best utilize Pardot, how to connect it seamlessly with Salesforce, and how to get the analytics gives Marketers the tools they need to overcome these hurdles.
Invado: What is your number one piece of advice for organizations looking to increase demand with Pardot?
Stacey: In a word: communicate. Marketers need to always be thinking about communication. Communicating to attract new leads; communicating to guide them along the buyer’s journey; communicating with Sales on the volume and quality of leads going getting passed; communicate within your marketing team on noticeable changes in trends and buyer behaviors.
Invado: What excites you most about the opportunity to join Invado?
Stacey: I like that Invado is different from other Pardot and Salesforce consulting firms. There is a need out there for demand generation strategy and Invado not only fills that need, but does it while also being experts in the Marketing Automation and CRM systems that will be able to deliver the results. In a world of Marketing firms and technology firms, Invado bridges the gap by offering both. Similar to how Pardot bridges the gap by uniting Sales & Marketing teams.
Invado: I understand you’re going to be speaking at Florida Dreamin’.  What is your session about?
Stacey: The session is titled “From Accidental to Awesome Admin: what I wish I knew when I began.” I’ve presented on this topic at Dreamforce previous and really love what it shares. In the session, I look back at my decade working with Pardot and Salesforce, sharing my journey along with tips I’ve collected through the years. I appreciate getting to offer the audience ideas of how to provide excellence as administrator of a system, including the power of asking “Why” and really digging in to requirements, why it’s vital to set up change management and governance, and documenting configuration and changes along the way.
Invado: We’re really excited to have you join our growing team.
Stacey: Thanks! Everyone at Invado has been so welcoming and is so knowledgeable. I’m thrilled to be part of the team.



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