Crafting Engaging On-Boarding Experiences


Crafting Engaging on-boarding experiences


You’ve purchased Pardot.  You’ve sent your first list emails.  You’ve discovered automation rules and completion actions.  But now let’s take your Pardot investment to the next level- the Engagement Studio Program.   A great start in using Engagement Studio Programs is onboarding your new customers.


Every Engagement Studio Program starts with a list.   Look at your data coming over from Salesforce – you should be able to create a Pardot dynamic list of your new customers.  Everyone who meets that criterion is added to the dynamic list and becomes the base for your new customer onboarding program.


Once you sign new customers you must look at your business model.  Does your product or service have a formal onboarding process that you can automate with a Pardot Engagement Studio Program?   Or do you want to drive brand loyalty and position for an upsell?  Either way you can make the experience engaging for your new customers.


Dynamic Lists


Just as we mentioned above your Engagement Studio Program starts with list, you can also use dynamic lists as suppression lists for your onboarding. For onboarding and other Engagement Studio Program you may want to halt marketing if your customer has a support case open.   If your business also uses Cases (with Sales or Service Cloud) you can build a dynamic list of prospects with an Open Case.  That dynamic list can be used as a suppression list for your on-boarding sequence.   And the benefit of a dynamic list is when the case is closed, they are removed from the suppression list and can resume their onboarding experience.


Dynamic Content


Your products and services may not be one-size fits all, and you can use dynamic content to personalize the experience.   Dynamic content can be images or text that be customized for the recipient.   For example, if you know your customer’s date of birth, you can use dynamic content to display an image of a young couple starting out or an image of someone in retirement.   You only need to create one email template, but can define if age is 18-29 show image X; if age is 65 and older, show image Y.  This makes your communications resonate with your audience.


Dynamic Interactions


  • Send welcome messages.
  • Create personalized content.
  • Design an exclusive loyalty program.
  • Process customer feedback continuously.
  • Add gamification.
  • Lean on social media.


With Pardot you can manage all of the dynamic interactions listed above.  If you need assistance with implementing any or all of these, the dynamic consultants at Invado Solutions can help you make the most of your Pardot investment and make your new customer onboarding and enjoyable and dynamic experience.



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