Five Pardot Dreamforce Sessions We’re Most Excited About

In case you missed it, Dreamforce Agenda Builder recently went live and the Pardot sessions are filling up Quickly!  We highly recommend you login to Dreamforce agenda builder and reserve your seats. With over 100,000+ attendees I’m guessing seating may be somewhat limited.

In order to make things easier for our clients and future clients, we took the time to dive into fray and identify some great sessions that we’re most excited about.  

In regards to Dreamforce h/t to our own Lara Black who was asked to work at the Pardot “Genius Bar”.   We’re super proud to have her represent our team! Way to go Lara! If you’re an Invado news subscriber  – you can skip the Genius Bar line. Just email me direct at and we’ll make plans to get your questions answered one-on-one while we’re out there.

Top sessions we recommend you check out:

Session 1:  Full-Funnel ABM Aligning Across Your Tech Stack

Inherently, marketing automation platforms like Pardot market to individuals – not companies.  Account based marketing (ABM) works to shift the paradigm so that marketers have the systems and processes in place to market to an entire company with messages that are unique to individual personas and where the company and/or individual is at in the decision-making process.  

Demandbase is leading the charge in delivering the solution to make this happen.  During this session Demandbase will share how Pardot, Salesforce and Demandbase come together to enable a great solution for ABM.  If you’re not familiar with ABM or Demandbase, I strongly recommend that you check this session out.

Session 2:  Enterprise-Level Marketing Automation with Pardot

As of several years ago, Pardot had a market reputation as more of an SMB solution along the lines of Hubspot.  Over the last several years that reputation has shifted. This began with its acquisition by (via ExactTarget).  Development of features such as Engagement Studio has moved Pardot closer and closer to full-enterprise readiness.  Today, Pardot has some marquee enterprise customers, including Amazon.

During this session, Amazon will be sharing how it’s using Pardot across the enterprise – including multiple business units.  In the session description, they hinted that they will be discussing the forthcoming release of what they’re calling Workspaces.  

We’re really, really, hoping this gives enterprises with multiple orgs the ability to more effectively keep data separate and manage access rights from division to division.  This functionality would fill a huge gap in the product and make it fully enterprise-ready.

Join us at the session to find out!

Session 3:  Pardot’s Product Roadmap:  The Future of B2B Marketing and Beyond

We’re always excited to learn about where Salesforce is going with Pardot – aren’t you?  

During this session, the Pardot product team will be sharing their roadmap for the rest of the year and beyond.  While the timelines during a Salesforce roadmap session are always questionable, seeing what’s coming up is always a highlight.  

We expect to hear a lot about Pardot and Einstein, as well as Workspaces.  There’s always a surprise and we’re keen to find out what it will be this year.

There are two sessions available for this – be sure to check out one.  You won’t be disappointed.

Session 4:  Make Data-Driven Decisions with B2B Marketing Analytics

As many Pardot customers know, earlier this year, re-packaged Pardot into 3 new Editions: Growth, Plus, and Advanced.  The Plus and Growth Editions now include the powerful B2B Marketing Analytics (B2B MA) package.  If you have a need for strong reporting capabilities – this is the stuff for you.

During this session, you’ll get a tour of what can be done with B2B MA to give you in-depth reporting on marketing’s impact on the pipeline and campaign effectiveness.  If nothing else, it will give you a broad understanding of how B2B MA can be leveraged within your organization so when your contract is up for renewal you can make sure that B2B Marketing Analytics is included.  It’s great stuff. Be sure to learn about it during this session.

Session 5:  The Power of Three: Connecting Pardot, Marketing Cloud, and Salesforce CRM

This is an interesting topic.

As a Pardot AND Marketing Cloud consulting company, we’re often getting asked for guidance around which platform (Pardot or Marketing Cloud) is the right choice for any particular organization.

Sometimes the choice is clear.  Other times, not so much.

What if it’s both?  Marketing Cloud and Pardot each have areas where they excel and where they fall short.  We’ve definitely seen cases where it makes sense for our client to use both platforms. During this session, we’re really excited to learn about the use case where our friends at Appirio implemented both Pardot and Marketing Cloud to drive client success.

Bonus Session:  Pardot Party – Thursday Night!

Who doesn’t love when Uncle Mark is buying!  Register here for Pardot’s Dreamforce party.  We’ll see you at the bar!


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