Invado Provides Strategic Consulting and Integration Best Practices for Procare Solutions


“Invado Solutions has really become an extension of our team. We consider them a long-term, strategic partner that provides us with not only Salesforce and Pardot advice and best practices, but also has helped us implement and execute marketing strategies. I highly recommend working with them.”

Michelle Burrows

Chief Marketing Officer, Procare Solutions

Procare Solutions provides management software solutions for child care owners, administrators, educators and parents. Used by over 30,000 child care businesses, Procare is the leading provider of child care management software, and their customers rely on them to make critical decisions, maintain compliance with local and state regulations, and adhere to business best practices.


Procare purchased Pardot in 2018, but hadn’t used it to its full potential. With data in silos and the marketing team still tracking a variety of metrics and lead flow manually, the Pardot license was not being used effectively. With two recent acquisitions, Procare also had the task of consolidating three brands, three websites and thousands of customer contacts under the Procare name. Growing the Procare brand, getting Salesforce set up and adding new members to the marketing team gave them the resources they needed to finally configure and more fully leverage the Pardot software.


Procare partnered with Invado Solutions to help set up, configure and deploy Pardot, including facilitating the integration with Salesforce. “I had used Invado in the past and was very impressed. They understood what we needed out of Pardot and customized the solution for us. It was the right relationship with the right level of service,” said Michelle Burrows, CMO of Procare. “Invado set us up for success in the long run.”

Invado provided invaluable insight and strategic thinking during the entire process. Looking at the situation with both a marketing and technology perspective, Invado worked with Procare to determine a comprehensive plan and strategy for using Pardot. First, Invado set up Pardot effectively to accommodate the brands, domains and contacts under a single Pardot instance. Invado also developed a strategic IP warming campaign to reach the large number of prospects and customers now under one brand, returning a high deliverability rate and ultimately building a positive sender reputation for Procare.

Second, Invado helped Procare identify and define the lead journey (from prospect to MQL to SQL), developing the automation rules, engagement programs and strategies for moving leads through the funnel. Invado also developed and executed metric tracking and reporting in Pardot that fully integrated with Salesforce, enabling the CRM platform to become the single source of truth. This eliminated the need to pull reports from Google Analytics, Pardot and a separate email automation tool, then working through spreadsheets to report on results. Now, the Analytics team can easily access the data in one place and trust its accuracy.

Most importantly, Invado set the marketing team up for continued and long-term success by understanding its needs early in the relationship, and creating structures and templates they could use and manage going forward. “Invado helped us think through our strategy and then trained us on the best ways to execute it within Pardot. They enabled us to be successful on our own instead of just creating something that we couldn’t manage or maintain in the long run,” Amelia Schrader, Director of Demand Generation explained. Together, Invado and Procare developed processes and tools like the Salesforce campaign structure and strategy, customizable email templates, and flexible landing page designs.

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