How Myriad Genetics Optimized their Customer Experience with Pardot

Myriad partnered with Invado to overhaul and automate its customer lead process, increasing leads by 70% QoQ.

“Having a partner like Invado Solutions who has the right experience and can think through the impact of technology was imperative to our success. I can’t speak highly enough about them.”

Lonny Schwartz

Director of Marketing

Myriad Genetics, Inc. is a personalized medicine company that specializes in helping physicians determine the best medication for patients who suffer from behavioral health disorders. One of its leading products, GeneSight, analyzes a patient’s DNA to determine how the patient may react to certain medicines commonly prescribed to treat depression, anxiety and other psychiatric conditions.


With over 650,000 GeneSight tests administered and over 19,000 healthcare providers using the GeneSight test, the company was overwhelmed with customer leads. It was a great problem to have – the company had plenty of traffic to its website and interest in GeneSight, but it couldn’t keep up with the demand.

Myriad had taken a manual approach to its marketing and lead strategy. Prospects and customers filled out a form on the website, then were entered into Salesforce with the intent that Support would respond to each one. However, Support just couldn’t keep up. Some of the leads went into a black hole and were never contacted. Myriad continued to hire customer support representatives to help with the demand, but the added headcount didn’t matter. There were just too many leads. Adding headcount wasn’t the solution. Marketing automation was.


Myriad partnered with Invado Solutions to help automate the customer lead process. However, Myriad soon realized that Invado brought so much more to the table than Salesforce and technology expertise. Invado Solutions takes a strategic approach to each project, looking at the problem with both a marketing and technology lense. Using this holistic approach, Invado and Myriad mapped the ideal customer journey for both patients and healthcare providers, using marketing automation technology where it fit.

Myriad realized that there wasn’t a progression of the customer journey. Healthcare practitioners (the target audience) were getting lost in the website, talking with Support and weren’t guided to the end state. Correcting this, and automating the journey through the website, would not only enhance the customer experience, it was scaleable and would ultimately increase sales.

Specifically, Myriad implemented the below solution with business goals:

  1. Redesigned the website with a focus on user experience and SEO with a “phase 1” Pardot Scoring
  2. Used Pardot to create a “smart form” which enabled customer self-service
  3. Implemented Service Cloud to automate the Customer Service workload and experience for the team
  4. Business goals
    • Reduce case management time for prospects by 50%
    • Reduce new patient calls by 20%
    • Reduce customer service demand


With an aggressive goal, teamwork and assistance from Invado, Myriad launched both the new website and the automation programs within 120 days. After one quarter, the results far exceeded the goals outlined.

  • 70% increase in leads quarter over quarter
  • 208% increase in leads year over year
  • 71% reduction in inbound support cases
  • 67% reduction in support case resolution time

The entire program worked together. The new website, the new Pardot forms, tracking and scoring the customer journey and, finally, helping the Customer Service team update their processes were all launched at one time and led to not only more leads, but a reduction in Customer Support cases and touchpoints.

This project was also featured in the Pardot Case Study webinar series. Watch the full webinar replay here.

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