HOLT CAT Increases ROI by 10x in 3 Months using Invado Solutions and Pardot Strategies


“Invado Solutions has mastered using Salesforce to drive marketing results. Their marketing expertise has helped HOLT obtain incremental revenue, shorten the sales cycle, and provide a better customer experience.”

Jason Smith

Sr. Director, Customer Engagement, HOLT CAT

HOLT CAT is a $1.6 billion authorized Caterpillar(R) dealer for 118 counties in Texas. Its Texas First Rental Division rents a wide variety of construction equipment from Caterpillar and other manufacturers to clients all over Texas.


In 2020, Texas First Rental was given an aggressive goal of 150% growth from the previous year. To meet this goal, Texas First looked at its various channels of revenue. It realized a missed opportunity – there were numerous customers that hadn’t rented from Texas First in months or years. If it could win back these last customers, it could meet or even exceed it’s growth goal.

Texas First had a Salesforce and Marketing Cloud account, but wasn’t sure how to strategically use the technology for the win-back campaign.


Texas First partnered with Invado Solutions to tackle the challenge. Invado Solutions takes a strategic approach to every project, looking at specific objectives and desired results before diving into implementation. Well-versed in Salesforce and Marketing Cloud, Invado knows how to get the most out of both martech tools.

First, Invado looked at the user’s rental history, then used this information to create customer journeys in Marketing Cloud. Next, Invado evaluated customer demographics and psychographics to create different personas of the target audience. Finally, using the personas, Invado developed messaging and wrote email content for the email nurture campaign.


Within three months of implementing the campaign, Texas First saw a 10x ROI and welcomed back numerous customers.

HOLT is now harnessing Marketing Cloud across other divisions to deliver similar results.

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