Invado Migrates Aria Systems from Marketo to Pardot in Just Four Weeks

Learn how Invado migrated Aria Systems from Marketo to Pardot seamlessly in just four weeks.

“Invado Solutions exceeded our expectations, and I know we wouldn’t have met our very tight deadline without their help. They not only implemented Pardot in just four weeks, but they also gave us the vision, training and knowledge we needed so we could use Pardot to its full capability,”

Allison Barlaz

VP, Product and Marketing, Aria Systems

Aria Systems is a cloud-agnostic monetization platform that counts companies like Adobe, Allstate, Comcast and Subaru as clients. They have a robust marketing strategy and had purchased Marketo as their marketing automation platform. However, after using the platform for a while, they realized they were only using a small portion of the functionality. Plus, issues syncing with Salesforce wasn’t giving the marketing team the metrics they needed to optimize their campaigns and follow up on leads. Time and money were being wasted by using the technology.


Aria decided to move to Pardot. It could provide the metrics the marketing team needed and sync with Salesforce. The only issue was the Marketo contract expiration date was only four weeks away. The team needed to migrate all data from Marketo and implement Pardot in this very short timeframe. They knew they needed outside help. Enter Invado.


Invado developed a clear migration and implementation plan with a concise timeline to ensure the date would be met. They worked hand-in-hand with the Aria team, meeting with both the key stakeholder and the group as a whole on a regular (almost daily) basis. Working very quickly, Invado learned about Aria’s marketing campaigns and the assets that would need to be migrated from Marketo to Pardot. They recommended changes and best practices on landing pages, nurture campaigns and lead scoring so that data wasn’t just migrated, it was better on the Pardot platform.


Pardot was launched seamlessly the day before Aria’s Marketo contract expired. With more visibility into metrics and performance – and a better structured marketing automation platform – the marketing team can confidently measure and optimize its campaigns for the best results.

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