Pardot Support: Fixing Data Import Problems in Pardot
Bad data can get into Pardot and Salesforce in several ways, but then it is a battle to clear it out. Here are tips on how to solve the problem of bad data syncing back and forth from Salesforce and Pardot.

As Pardot Consultants, we see a lot of questions about how to fix a data mis-match with Pardot and Salesforce and other Pardot data syncing issues. This is different than the question of making data appear in a new field in Pardot, or questions about why the Pardot and Salesforce sync aren't quite…

Ignore Bots in Pardot Emails

Pardot Feature: Ignore Bots Who Click Your Email Links
Did you notice a decrease in your email opens/clicks recently? Pardot rolled out a feature which could drastically decrease the clicks reported on your emails. Don't panic! It's a good thing.

Did you notice a decrease in your email opens/clicks recently? Pardot rolled out a feature which will drastically impact your email KPIs. This feature will detect email link clicks which are performed by bots, and ignore them. As a result, your emails after November 12, 2018 will very likely have…

Why you'll want to adopt Pardot Connected Campaigns today

Pardot Connected Campaigns: Why You Should Turn It On Today
Questions swirl around Pardot Connected Campaigns. What is it? What does it do? Should I turn it on? This is the new way to manage campaigns with Salesforce and Pardot. Make adopting this feature a priority for your Pardot account.

Pardot has released a new feature called Connected Campaigns. Launched in the Spring '18 release and currently in open Beta, this feature should go GA (Generally Available) in the next few months. The Pardot Success Community is full of questions about it - mainly "Should I turn on Connected…

Personalize your Pardot emails for better open rates

Pardot Consultant Tip: Personalize the First Name in your Pardot Emails
Want to get better open rates on your emails? Personalize them - Use your prospect's name. People love the sound of their own name!

Want to get better open rates on your emails? Personalize them - Use your prospect's name. People love the sound of their own name! (Anyone who has read the classic 'How to Win Friends and Influence People' will agree.) This has science to back it up: Marketing Sherpa did a study, and personalized…

Pardot email with sending error

Sending Email with a safety net
Sometimes the Pardot error message doesn't make a ton of sense. This one is pretty easy. Read more about how to set up a fallback sender when sending email with Pardot.

In the Pardot community, we see the same questions over and over. This one about sending email with Pardot has come up a couple of times lately. "I'm sending an email to people who are Leads or Contacts in Salesforce. I set up my email to come from the Assigned User. Why does Pardot show me this…

Pardot Scoring Category

A Pardot Consultant's Guide to Scoring Categories
Pardot Scoring Categories is the most powerful feature you're not using (but should be). Learn how to set it up with a few clicks, and use it right away to successfully market multiple products to your prospects.

Pardot Scoring Categories may be the most overlooked feature in the marketing automation platform. But it is one of my favorite features - I almost always set it up for my clients, because it is key to successfully marketing multiple products to your prospects. You need Scoring Categories - and you…

Create Customized Messages with Pardot Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content: The hero you didn't know you needed
Dynamic Content takes your marketing from 'spray and pray' to 'targeted and personalized.' Read more about using this feature.

Have you ever wanted the ability to send one email, but send a customized message to different audiences? You can do this easily with Dynamic Content in Pardot. Personalize your messages with Dynamic Content Available on the middle and top pricing tiers, this is one feature that makes all the…

When does Pardot sync with Salesforce

A Pardot consultant answers: Understanding how Pardot and Salesforce sync
It can get frustrating when the Pardot sync doesn't happen quite as soon as you expect. What triggers the two systems to sync? It all hinges on some special date fields, or specific activities you can take to speed it up.

As a Pardot Consultant I get this question a lot: When does Pardot sync with Salesforce? This is a common question we see in the Pardot community. And it can get kind of complicated - making a new field doesn't automatically make things sync… so what does make Pardot sync with Salesforce? Pardot…

Pardot Pro Tip: Making a Competitors List
Want to prevent your competitors from downloading your content and seeing your marketing strategy? You can, with some advanced Pardot tricks.

Your competitors are checking you out. They visit your website, download your free white papers or articles, and may even subscribe to your newsletter to keep abreast of your marketing. Want to stop your competitors from doing all that? We can, with some Pardot automations. Leverage Dynamic Lists…