When does Pardot sync with Salesforce

A Pardot consultant answers: Understanding how Pardot and Salesforce sync
It can get frustrating when the Pardot sync doesn't happen quite as soon as you expect. What triggers the two systems to sync? It all hinges on some special date fields, or specific activities you can take to speed it up.

As a Pardot Consultant I get this question a lot: When does Pardot sync with Salesforce? This is a common question we see in the Pardot community. And it can get kind of complicated - making a new field doesn't automatically make things sync… so what does make Pardot sync with Salesforce? Pardot…


Close Sales Faster with Permission-based Marketing
Which is better: email that is sent? Or email that is opened, read and clicked? Permission-based marketing is key to engaging with prospects and closing sales sooner. It is far easier to make a sale to an engaged prospect (someone who wants your email) than it is to make a sale to a prospect you are dragging with you every step of the way.

Do you want your email to be opened, read, and clicked? Or do you just want to send email? Just because you have someone's email address does not mean you should email them. Technically, there's nothing to stop you pushing send. But pause for a moment, and consider if you should send that email. It…