Invado Provides Strategic Direction and Marketing Ops Best Practices after Salesforce and Pardot Migration


“Invado has provided invaluable insight and support into our Pardot operations. Working with them on both marketing strategies and marketing operations has helped our overall marketing efforts, and the reporting and data best practices they have provided have set us up for success."

Jane Bailey

Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Luna Innovations

Luna Innovations, Inc. (NASDAQ: LUNA) is a developer and manufacturer of fiber-optics based technology for the aerospace, automotive, communications, energy, industrial, manufacturing and civil & geotechnical industries. With over 400 employees, 65 channel partners and 3,000 products, Luna’s products are used to enhance the safety, security and connectivity of people around the world.

In recent years, Luna has acquired numerous companies, adding to its level of complexity. In fact, it was with one of these acquisitions that Luna was introduced to Salesforce and Pardot. Luna had been using a different CRM, but was impressed with the capabilities of Salesforce and Pardot, and decided to move all of its marketing operations to the platforms. Eventually, seven companies would be integrated and migrated, merging thousands of records.

Invado Solutions partnered with Luna to provide strategic direction, marketing operations assistance and best practices, as well as Pardot integration after its latest company acquisitions.

One area of concern with so many companies integrating is data integrity. Tagging and labeling data records (prospects, leads, contacts and customers) correctly is imperative so the correct record is kept with the right company/division and reporting is streamlined, correct and the source of truth. Invado provided best practices with data architecture and worked with Luna’s 100+ sales reps so the reps were comfortable using both Salesforce and Pardot.

Now, Invado is working with Luna long-term to reconcile and structure its Salesforce reports by division so that Luna can use Salesforce to make better business decisions. For example, the sales cycle of Luna’s products is pretty lengthy and estimated at 18 months to 2 years. By having insight into the actual sales cycle, the buyer’s journey and the numerous touchpoints that go into each sale, Luna can optimize its sales cycles where necessary.

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