Infographic: Essential Guide for Pardot Admins

This complimentary three-part infographic offers a handy visual aid about important tips for how to use Pardot.

Part 1: Understanding Prospects

In Part 1 of our Essential Guide we look at prospects in depth and answer common questions about prospects and the prospect profile. It covers:

  • Prospect icons
  • The Prospect Journey
  • Prospect Mailability

Part 2: Choosing Automation Tools

Part 2 of our Essential Guide is all about the building blocks of automation. Here we cover:

  • All the various¬† Pardot List types
  • Picking the right marketing automation tool for the job
  • When to use a Pardot form, Pardot form handler, or Pardot landing page

Part 3: Navigating Email

In Part 3 of our Essential Guide we take a look at Pardot email marketing and cover these topics:

  • Best practices for email layouts
  • Requirements for sending through Pardot
  • How Pardot templates can be used in different ways