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Pardot Connected Campaigns: Why You Should Turn It On Today

Pardot has released a new feature called Connected Campaigns. Launched in the Spring ’18 release and currently in open Beta, this feature should go GA (Generally Available) in the next few months. The Pardot Success Community is full of questions about it – mainly “Should I turn on Connected Campaigns?” and I come down on the side of YES. You’re going to want to turn on Pardot Connected Campaigns, and you’re going to want to turn it on very soon.

Pardot Connected Campaigns: First Steps to Setting It Up and Turning It On

This fantastic feature has huge potential for aligning your Pardot Marketing Automation platform more closely with Salesforce. Follow along with the screenshots and instructions as I walk you through getting it set up in Pardot.

Pardot Connected Campaigns: Next Steps and Pardot Campaign Alignment

Next in the ‘how-to’ series is understanding how to connect Salesforce Campaigns and Pardot Campaigns, with Campaign Alignment. You can do it in a big upload, or you can do it one-by-one. If you have any problems with Campaign Alignment make sure you check out the ‘Gotchas’ post for helpful tips.

Pardot Connected Campaigns: Final Steps and Adding to Salesforce

You’re almost done – now you can turn it on completely and let Salesforce manage all Campaigns. Plus you can finally put the neat reporting items into Salesforce.

Pardot Connected Campaigns: Campaign Alignment Gotchas

In our effort to match up all our Pardot Campaigns to Salesforce Campaigns, we found some bumps along the way. Everything we found can eventually be fixed, so don’t worry! Here are six different quirky Connected Campaigns and Campaign Alignment issues that we solved for our clients.