We help our B2B clients maximize their technology investment with our Salesforce marketing cloud services, by building and executing repeatable, scalable processes that align with today’s buying behavior and drive predictable revenue.


Higher education has changed. Now a highly competitive marketplace, you can no longer count on brochures, guidance counselors and campus visits to bring in applications. Marketing is now a critical part of driving applications and admissions. Our Salesforce marketing cloud consultant services at Invado Solutions helps educational institutions use technology to modernize their marketing strategies, generate prospective student interest and drive admissions.


Non-profit organizations depend heavily on donor support to serve their communities effectively. Online communication and email marketing are critical components of generating donations and organizing volunteers. With our Salesforce marketing cloud consultant services, we help our non-profit clients use marketing automation technology to make online outreach powerful, scalable and cost-effective.

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With our 15 years of experience using marketing automation technology to execute campaigns and create strategies to drive measurable results, we have a deep understanding of marketing leaders’ challenges and goals, and we know how to make you successful with marketing automation. Invado Solutions plans, executes and delivers results, every time.

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